zondag 9 oktober 2011

new John Hunter Phillips single


Nice tribute for the 50th ann. of the Beach boys,  from his soon to be released new cd!

Album Notes
It's a rockin' three minutes and 36 seconds you're sure to enjoy, chock full of Beach Boys style vocal harmonies for which John has garnered a fine reputation with his two prior CD releases "Diamonds On the Beach" (2000) and "It's About Time" (2006). John composed the song and is proud to have had the very talented David Floyd playing piano. Although John played the solos on the original demo from which this final master was created, he recognized the more powerful and confident chops which David displays with his usual and impressive mastery on this cut. The band, including a tight and dazzling horn section arrangement, lays down a solid framework on top of which John's seemless vocal stylings fit perfectly into a kind of 'Beach Boys meets Dr. John' groove. It's infectious, catchy melody, tight performances, studio production, clever lyrics and 'danceability' make this the perfect salute to The Beach Boys and a congratulatory message on the 50th Anniversary of the group. Even if you weren't 'around' in the 1960's, you'll find this modern re-imaginging to be something you'll want to experience over and over.
A full CD of all original John Hunter Phillips songs is nearing completion, so keep an eye out for (and an your ears open for) that very soon. Additional 'single' downloads , already done for the full CD, may be forthcoming soon. Aloha from Hawaii.

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great song !


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