donderdag 6 september 2012

donderdag 21 juni 2012

the Beach Boys live NPR 2012

60 minutes in soundboard quality. Thanks to the original poster !

3 links:  
1. (flac remastered version (separated tracks)

with added compression & dynamics)

2. (full mp3)

3. (track seperation)

The Beach Boys & California Saga - Friends / All This Is That - Hollywoo...

California Saga - The Beach Boys Live in Irvine, CA 6/3/2012

Beach Boys 50th Anniversary 2012 "Don't Back Down"

Isn't It Time - The Beach Boys Live in Irvine, CA 6/3/2012

The Beach Boys - Daybreak Over The Ocean (Lyric Video)

The Beach Boys - Beaches In Mind (Lyric Video)

The Beach Boys - That's Why God Made The Radio


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